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The Department of Public Safety maintains 24-hour public safety coverage of the campus. The department consists of a director and a deputy director of public safety, two lieutenants, and a force of 35 campus public safety officers who are sworn peace officers and have powers to arrest granted to them by the police commissioner of the City of New York. Campus PEACE OFFICERS are designated as State of New York peace officers in accordance with Section 2.10, subsection 27 of the New York State Criminal Procedure Law. This status provides them with the same powers of arrest as other New York State Law Enforcement personnel. The department is also presently augmented by 35 contract security officers that are also required to meet strict state requirements and licensing. All public safety and security personnel are trained prior to regular assignment and receive periodic in-service training.

The Department of Public Safety is responsible for the enforcement of all college rules as well as state and local laws. The department works closely with the dean of students relative to incidents and conditions affecting the student body.

The department also maintains a close relationship with the local police precinct and requests assistance when necessary. Information concerning crime and other pertinent data is shared on a regular basis.

Everyone at BMCC is encouraged to care not only for themselves, but also for each other. Freshmen receive a security briefing by members of the Department of Public Safety at student orientation to provide all students with information about the college and public safety services.


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