ENG 100.5 - Intensive English Composition (Same as ENG 101)

This course combines ENG 95 and ENG 101 in one semester. It accelerates students' learning of the basic reading, writing and critical thinking skills necessary to pass the CAT-W and strengthens their composing and research skills so that they will be able to produce the increasingly complex essay required in ENG 101. ENG 100.5 provides extensive expository writing practice using readings from the ENG 101 curriculum. As required in ENG 101, students will submit four revised essays in modes such as description, narration, comparison/contrast, argumentation, and cause and effect and take the ENG 101 Departmental Final Exam. They will be introduced to MLA formatting, the use of print and online secondary sources and complete a research project. Successful completion of this course is equivalent to passing ENG 101.

Course Credit: 3

Sample Syllabus