Transferring with Pathways

Pathways makes it easier for students to transfer credits from one CUNY college to another. When a student has met a Common Core requirement at one CUNY school, those requirements will be met at any other CUNY school a student transfers to.  Advanced Placement (AP) credits and non-CUNY credits may (or may not) also count towards a student's Common Core, if evaluated and accepted by the Admissions Office.

Senior College Requirements

Under Pathways, students in bachelor’s degree programs are required to take 6 to 12 additional credits of general education called the College Option. In some cases, requirements may vary based on a student’s area of study. Students who transfer from associate programs to bachelor's programs will be required to complete 6 to 12 College Option credits, depending on how many credits they had at the time of transfer and whether they transferred with an associate degree. CUNY associate degree students must complete the following number of College Option credits upon transfer:

Pathways Student University Appeals Process

In accordance with the CUNY Board of Trustees Resolution on Creating an Efficient Transfer System, the Chancellor has established a University appeals mechanism for undergraduate students who wish to appeal denial or restriction of transfer credit for courses, in cases in which that credit has been determined through transfer credit evaluation at a college. Students who petition for course reevaluation at the University level must have first completed the college’s transfer credit appeals process.

Once you have reviewed the Transfer Credit Appeals Process information, click here to download the appeals form.

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