Marks of Excellence

Welcome to the 2012-2013 Marks of Excellence, our annual showcase of outstanding academic achievement by BMCC students and alumni.

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Common wisdom holds that diversity, whether in academia, the workplace or society at large, is fundamentally about fairness— guaranteeing equal opportunities for everyone, irrespective of race, religion or nationality.

At BMCC, we begin with that definition but we take it further. We see diversity as a "rich tapestry," in the words of poet Maya Angelou—a treasured asset that enriches and deepens the educational experience for all our students. To foster diversity, we invest heavily in services and programs designed to help a wide range of students be successful. Moreover, we don't view diversity exclusively in terms of ethnicity, but also in the variety of skills, achievements and life experiences our students bring to the table.

Indeed, to be part of the BMCC community, whether you're a student, teacher or the college president, is like attending a wonderful dinner party where every guest has a fascinating story to tell. For example, you may find yourself seated next to Ron Wallace, who started his own design company, NAMM Clothing, after earning a degree in Multimedia Arts at BMCC and found a mentor, Bob Bland, at Manufacture New York, a fashion incubator. Seated across from you is Tasmia Hoque, who came here with her family from Bangladesh—a forensic science major who is looking ahead to working in a crime lab analyzing blood spatters and DNA.

Over coffee, you might chat with Daryl Griffin, an ex-Marine who saw combat duty in Afghanistan and later overcame severe personal challenges to rebuild his life, excel academically and counsel other veterans.

Ron, Tasmia and Daryl are among the 12 remarkable individuals profiled in these pages—scientists, healthcare professionals, teachers, entrepreneurs. Each of their stories is unique—but together, they are part of the magnificent, multifaceted tapestry that is BMCC.

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Antonio Pérez