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Dear MMD and VAT Students,

There are two big news items that affect your return to BMCC in the Fall 2012 semester:

Item 1: The Department Office is Moving

The Media Arts and Technology (MEA) Department is moving to S630 in 199 Chambers Street. That is the south side of the building on the sixth floor. Faculty phones and emails remain the same.

Item 2: All MMD (MMP and MMA) and VAT Majors Will Change to an A.S. Degree

Please be advised that effective Fall 2012, all MMD (MMP and MMA) and VAT degrees will be officially changed from A.A.S. degrees to A.S. degrees. If you are a current student your degree will change and you will graduate with an A.S. degree. If you are an incoming freshman you will start in the new A.S. degree programs. These changes will happen automatically and for everyone.

We understand that this is a big change and many of you may have questions. Everyone in our department is committed to doing our best to answer your questions and make this transition as smooth as possible. There are three things that you can do over the summer to help make sure that you are prepared for class in the fall:

  1. Read this letter carefully and save it in case you need to refer to it later
  2. Visit our website to view the new curriculum requirements and see other tips. This site will be updated as needed during the summer:
  3. Come to Registration/Advisement over the days from August 20-24.

For many of you, adjustments may need to be made to your schedule to reflect the new degree requirements. The types of changes will depend on your major and how long you have been at BMCC.

For those of you about to graduate the department will authorize course substitutions as necessary. A course substitution is when one course is substituted for another one. This means in some cases a faculty advisor will be able to substitute a course you have already taken for one of the new courses you have not taken. This will make the transition easier for people who have taken a lot of classes. BUT, it will not happen automatically. You must come in and be advised DURING THE WEEK OF AUGUST 20-24 and see an advisor in the MEA department.

Even if you are not about to graduate or are just starting you should still come in for advisement during August 20-24. Please be patient with us during this time as we will have a lot of you to see.

Here are a few tips for the fall by major:

VAT Majors

MMP Majors

MMA Majors:

There are no faculty members in the office during the summer periods and due to the big changes and the need for course substitutions for some people, the Academic Advisement & Transfer Center will not be able to help you. Instead visit the web site for more information and make sure you come to registration/advisement August 20-24, and meet with one of the full-time faculty in the Richard Harris Terrace. The MEA department will work with you to ensure that you are on the correct path to graduation.


Shari R. Mekonen
Acting Chair of the Media Arts & Technology Department
BMCC/CUNY 199 Chambers Street, S630
New York, NY 10007

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