Careers in Mathematics

Some of the many careers that make use of a good math background:

Mathematician Actuary Statistician
Biologist Software Engineer Computer Systems Analyst
Historian Sociologist Industrial Designer
Accountant Economist Philosopher
Physicist Parole Officer Meteorologist
Medical Laboratory Technician Paralegal Assistant Computer Programmer
Motion Picture Editor Astronomer Biophysicist
Nuclear Engineer System Designer Network Analyst
Investment Consultant Architect Physical Therapist
Medical Doctor Electrical Distribution Designer Banking
Investment Consultant Architect Physical Therapist
Electrical Engineer Metabolic Imaging Research Scientist
App Programmer Insurance Adjuster and more . . .

The Mathematics Association of America (MAA) has more detailed information about the many career possibilities for math students.

Majoring in mathematics is not about learning a specific profession, for example, learning to be a mechanic or an electrician. Learning mathematics exposes you to a unique way of thinking. It teaches not only certain mathematical knowledge, but also how to apply this knowledge in every day life. Critical thinking, logical reasoning, problem solving, and communicating complex ideas are all skills that you learn by doing mathematics. These skills are in demand in every field, even when the job itself doesn't require mathematics. In fact, many employers deliberately seek out mathematics majors because they know that students who have studied mathematics come with a unique set of skills.

A few years ago Google sought out people with a strong mathematics background by posting the following billboard by the side of the highway in several US cities:

Those who knew the answer to this mystery billboard and typed it in to their browsers were brought to a webpage with math puzzles to solve; those that answered correctly were asked for their resumes.

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