Honors Program

The Honors Program at BMCC provides eligible students with academic challenges beyond the normal parameters of a particular course's requirements. Qualified students, working in close conjunction with a faculty member, on an honors Committee approved project, extend their knowledge of the theoretical or practical aspects of the course and develop or enhance their writing, critical thinking, analytical, and problem solving skills.

To Qualify:

If you are interested in doing an honors project in your math class, talk to your mathematics professor. The professor who teaches your math class will have to agree to be your faculty mentor for an honors project. Since professors can only mentor one honors student each semester, it is possible that you may not be able to work on an honors project even if you meet the other requirements below; in this case, consider completing a project under one of the other research programs at BMCC.

To qualify for the program, a student must:

Upon successful completion of the project, a designation of "H" will appear on the student's transcript.


In order to receive the honors designation, a student must:


Contracts must be submitted no later than the 4th week of the semester, and must be approved by the honors committee, and a completed project
(including an oral presentation) is normally due well before final exams.

Students should obtain contracts from their faculty mentors.

The application/contract requires:

Some Past Honors Projects:

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