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Eleven Student Researchers Present STEM Findings

With a focus ranging from metal-tolerant bacteria to parabolic bridge cable, BMCC students tackle research projects led by a faculty mentor.

BMCC Students Selected for MathFest 2015

Michael Cruz and Kan Xue will present their summer research projects at the MathFest 2015 in Washington DC.

Random Research

BMCC math professor David Allen and his team create an algorithm to generate randomness, and push the limits of encryption.

Making Struggle Productive

A new math class at BMCC blends algebra and quantitative literacy, with promising results.

Math Winners

Joseph Bak, Konstantin Itskov and Gregory Rodriguez win NYSMATYC scholarships.

The Tango, Bollywood—and a Career in Math
A BMCC student and recent alum each win NYSMATYC math excellence award.

Are You Sure You’re Not a ‘Math Person’?
Not all math majors excelled in math before college--but once at BMCC, they find they not only can learn math, but enjoy it.

'Math Fascinates Me'
BMCC professor, Elena Nogina, is a lifelong mathematics researcher and educator.

Math Resources

Math Lab and Tutoring

Compass Math

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The Department of Mathematics offers an A.S. degree in Mathematics. The program is designed to provide students with the first two years of study required to major in mathematics at the senior college level. It is also suitable for students who wish to minor in mathematics at the senior college level.

It provides the foundation for specialization along any of the following career paths: graduate studies in mathematics leading to the masters or doctoral degrees; professional in the field of mathematics education; professions requiring substantial mathematics preparation (e.g., statistician, actuary, medical or physical sciences, economics, etc.)

In addition to certain prescribed courses in liberal arts and required coursework in elementary calculus and linear algebra, the curriculum offers additional selections from among the following: ordinary differential equations, advanced calculus, abstract algebra, history of mathematics, statistics, and computer programming.


Helping Hands - Project within the Mathematics Community

Helping Hands is a program created for math majors to connect and belong to a community of learners that have similar goals and whoshare the same academic program.

Helping Hands will promote students' communication with the mathematical community of BMCC and will help improve academic andstudy skills in order to succeed in mathematics and in college in general. Learn More

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