We offer tutorial and instructional computer lab services and course-specific, non-print supplemental instructional materials.

Basic Skills/English Lab
Tutoring is offered for students in English 088 and English 095. This prepares students to re-take the CUNY-ACT.
Email: basicskillsenglishtutoring@bmcc.cuny.edu
Room: S-500

College Discovery Tutoring
If you are a student in the College Discovery Program, you are eligible to take advantage of the academic support services that are offered each semester. These services include individual and small group instruction as well as midterm and finals review study sessions. Our Learning Assistants will help you with all college level and basic skills courses. In addition, they will prepare students for the CUNY-wide examinations. .
Email: cdtutoring@bmcc.cuny.edu
Room: S-361

English as a Second Language Lab
The ESL Lab offers tutoring for all ESL courses. The lab also has computer and word processing instruction for students enrolled in ESL classes. The lab also has books and audiotapes, conversational audiotapes and videos (movies and documentaries).
Email: esltutoring@bmcc.cuny.edu
Room: S-503

Learning Resource Center
Tutorial services include individual tutoring (only for students with disabilities) and small group tutoring, scheduled tutoring appointments, e-tutoring, and walk-in and drop-in tutoring. We have a library of learning skills materials consisting of texts, audio/videotapes, and computer software. Study skills workshops are available to students to help them learn effective study and textbook reading skills and how to apply them to their coursework. Workshop topics include test-taking skills, listening skills, memory enhancement, study techniques, note-taking skills, and time management.

Our computer labs provide students with a range of instructional, tutorial, and support services. The lab is staffed with coordinators, tutors, and student assistants who provide lab users with assistance, whatever their level of needs. Some of the services we offer students include open lab hours for students to work on their own, computer training workshops, and support for classroom-related computing activities, study skills and course specific software.
Email: lrctutoring@bmcc.cuny.edu
Room: S-500

Math Lab
Students currently registered in BMCC math classes can receive free tutoring on a drop-in basis. The Lab offers special topic workshops such as review for the COMPASS Pre-Algebra or Algebra and CUNY Math exams. The Math Lab has many remedial worksheets as well as make-up tests and retests for many courses. The Lab also stocks a large collection of computer programs and videos to supplement classroom instruction.
Email: mathtutoring@bmcc.cuny.edu
Room: S-511

Nursing Tutoring Lab
The Lab offers assistance in Pharmacology and other required nursing courses as well as preparation of the Clinical Nursing Care Plan. Textbooks are available and serve as a reference guide to assist students in understanding the subject material.
Email: nursingtutoring@bmcc.cuny.edu
Room: S-762

Reading Lab
The Lab provides tutoring to assist students to become independent readers to handle their college work, strengthen their reading ability and to pass the final reading test. Students use computers, text and audio-visual materials, as well as teacher prepared assignments to develop and improve their reading performance.
Email: ReadingTutoring@bmcc.cuny.edu
Room: S-500

Science Learning Center
Tutorial services are available in all science courses.
Email: slctutoring@bmcc.cuny.edu
Room: N-734

Writing Center
Writing assistants work with students to develop and refine written assignments in all subject areas. Assistants provide guidance in all aspects of the writing process: understanding the assignment, generating ideas, drafting, citing sources, revising, recognizing errors, and correcting grammar and syntax.
Email: writingcenter@bmcc.cuny.edu
Room: S-500W

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