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Prospective Students

Program Requirements

The BMCC Learning Academy students must be:

  • First-Time Freshmen
    • Majoring in: Liberal Arts, Criminal Justice, Human Services, Sociology, Psychology, History, Business Administration or Pre-STEM
    • Exempt or place in the highest level of developmental reading and writing on the CUNY placement exam
    • All levels of math placement are accepted
  • Continuing Students
    • Must have 15 or fewer completed credits
    • A minimum 2.5 GPA
    • Must be pursuing one of the above listed majors
  • Graduate Advantage Program
    • Must have 45 completed credits prior to fall semester
    • A minimum 3.0 GPA
    • Must be pursuing one of the above listed majors
    • Be able to attend a weekly success and transition workshop

* Not a member of ASAP or College Discovery

Steps to prepare for Advisement and Registration

In addition to the above list, new students to our program will:

  • Student who are interested in the program and meet the minimum requirements may contact the BMCC Learning Academy office directly by emailing or by calling 212-346-8640. BMCC Learning Academy advisors will also reach out to qualified students before registration
  • Meet with a designated advisor to discuss test scores, workload, and class options
  • Register for first semester classes
  • Choose a BMCC Learning Academy linked course with  a workshop that fits your course load  
  • Purchase necessary books and supplies  

Student Testimonials

One of the best things about my first semester at BMCC was the Learning Academy program. When I first came to orientation and was asked if I wanted to join, I hesitated but I’m glad I said yes. I love the one-on-one attention that BMCC Learning Academy students receive from their advisors, the workshops to help us with graduation requirements and any questions we have about anything and everything offered at BMCC. I also liked that we got to be in classes with other BMCC Learning Academy students so we were able to see familiar faces and interact with the same people. I’m glad I get to be a part of BMCC and BMCC Learning Academy, my first semester was challenging, but a fun experience and I’m ready to take on the next semester with high hopes and confidence. After BMCC, I plan on pursuing a Bachelor of Arts degree in Hospitality Administration.
Julie Tzivas

I started college at BMCC in Spring 2013 as a Liberal Arts major. I was very enthusiastic about starting my career as a BMCC Learning Academy student, since the benefits seemed excellent to have. My advisor was Shahreen Laskar, who introduced to me what it meant to be a part of the BMCC Learning Academy. The small tutoring groups really helped, as well as the classes held by BMCC Learning Academy. Even after my year with BMCC Learning Academy was over, Shahreen still made time to talk with me, which significantly boosted my confidence in the BMCC Learning Academy because all the advisors are kind and genuine. It was an experience I won’t forget, as I wouldn’t be the same kind of student without Shahreen and the rest of the BMCC Learning Academy. I have two semesters left and I plan on continuing my college education after graduation.
Angie Thompson

My experience at the BMCC Learning Academy started back when I enrolled at BMCC in the Fall semester of 2012. I found being part of the program extremely helpful and remember my advisor as my guidance while transitioning into the life of being a college student. Everything from enrolling into classes to situating my financial aid process was taken care of by my advisor. After completing the program I had the knowledge and confidence I needed to continue working on my degree without the guided hand that was provided to me at the BMCC Learning Academy. My second academic year attending BMCC I decided to work for the BMCC Learning Academy because I really appreciated the work that the people in this office do to help out incoming freshmen, therefore wanted to be a part of it. I have now been employed with the BMCC Learning Academy for over a year now and have gained the skills and experience that have helped me thrive as not only an employee but a college student as well, and with the help from the BMCC Learning Academy I have been able to complete my Liberal Arts Associates Degree here at BMCC and am moving on to gain my Bachelors degree in Psychology at Hunter college. I feel that the BMCC Learning Academy made my college experience a lot less stressful and I would definitely recommend any incoming student to join the program.
Trisha Sanchez

BMCC Learning Academy

70 Murray Street, Room M-1413
New York, NY 10007
Phone: (212) 346-8640

Hours of Operation:
9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.