Next Year's BMCC Modern Languages Colloquium will celebrate World cities: the foreign and the familiar
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4th Symposium on Photography and Disciplinary Discourses to be held on April 20 and 21
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A Butterfly Girl and Flying Leaf Help Save the World
Dr. Alister Ramírez Márquez’s Colombian roots inspire him to write a mystical—and colorful—children’s story.

El dia que nos llevaron al cine y otros cuentos, a collection of short stories written by Paquita Suárez-Coalla and translated by BMCC Prof. Maria Enrico, has been released by Editorial Campana.

BMCC Professor Sophie Marinez Earns CUNY Faculty Fellowship to Research Haiti and Dominican Republic Dynamics
Maríñez is one of six faculty CUNY-wide to receive award.

BMCC's Italian Program Enrollment is Among the Largest in the Nation
Professor Tom Means examines BMCC’s Italian program and publishes an article in the journal Italica.

With students from around the world, BMCC is an international learning institution and New York is an ideal location to gain a broader perspective of the interconnectedness of world cultures. Not only Spanish-with its many inflections-but Arabic, Chinese, French, German, and Italian are increasingly heard along the streets, in shops, restaurants, and offices.

Through its courses dedicated to the study of languages, literatures, and cultures, Modern Languages Department offers you an exciting opportunity to engage in a learning experience aimed at developing global literacy. Global literacy includes written and oral communication, critical thinking and social responsibility, and appreciation of cultural artifacts, artistic products, and new technologies in more many languages. Whether you opt for a career in education, or in business, economics, law, health, politics, the arts, and the social sciences, our courses will help you reach a deeper understanding of your own and of others’ linguistic and cultural heritage.

If you would like to know more about our major in French, Italian and Spanish our courses in Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Spanish and Italian and you aspire to potentially open new avenues – academically and personally, read on to get started searching for our Study Abroad programs. In addition to majoring in Modern Languages, you can take language courses to use as an elective in another major.

BMCC's Modern Languages Department offers more than 60 different courses to help you understand dialect, grammar, intonations, and word usage while improving idiomatic and grammatical conversational abilities.

Students also have opportunities to engage with peers of different backgrounds and through extracurricular activities, independent research, guest speakers, study abroad, clubs, and more. Our faculty members have an outstanding who are ready to challenge and support you on your academic journey. Our expectation and aspiration is that every student will have developed a coherent experience that builds and integrates a meaningful set of experiential learning activities in preparation for a successful and fulfilling personal, civic, and professional life.

We care deeply about student success, and value learning that extends beyond the classroom.

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