Change of Address/Name

Change of Emergency Contact

Designation of Beneficiary for Non-Instructional Staff


Application for Child Care Leave Classified Staff Only

Application for Child Care Leave Instructional Staff

Application for Fellowship Award

Application for Leave

Application for Leave for Special Purposes

Application for Paid Parental Leave

Application for Partial Disability Leave

Application for Partial Leave of Absence with Partial Pay

Application for Professional Reassignment Leave

Application for Professional Reassignment Leave in the Libraries

Application for Scholar Incentive Award (SIA)

Application for Special Leave for Personal Emergency for Instructional Staff

Application for Special Leave of Absence without Pay

Application for Temporary Disability Leave

Certification of Qualifying Exigency for Military Family Leave

Classified Staff Terminal Leave

Dedicated Sick Leave- Application to Donate

Dedicated Sick Leave- Application to Receive

FMLA Fact Sheet

FMLA Fitness for Duty Certification

Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA Family)

Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA)

Family and Medical Leave Act (Military)

Family and Medical Leave Act (Veterans)

Jury Duty Form

Leave Record for Non-Teaching Staff

Leave Record for Teaching Instructional Staff


Travia Leave Instructional Staff & Faculty


Direct Deposit

Employee Time Report On-Line Entry

Federal W-4 Tax Form

NYS & NYC IT-2104 Tax Form

Overtime Summary Sheet

Tax Certification for Foreign Nationals

W-2 Duplicate Request


Campus Peace Officer Performance Appraisal

Classified Managerial Performance Assessment

Determining Excessive Lateness or Excessive Absence

Employee Counseling Memorandum

Employee Warning Form

General Guidelines for Merit Increase

Guidelines for Merit Increases for Civil Servants

Performance Evaluation Form - CUNY Office Assistant (In Academic Offices)

Performance Evaluation Form - Sub-Managerial Supervisory Positions (B&G)

Performance Evaluation Memorandum - CLT Only

Performance Evaluation Memorandum-HEO Series

Post-Observation Conference Memorandum

Probationary and Service Report

Sergeant Performance Appraisal

Staff Review Screening Form

Teaching Faculty Observation Report

Workload/ Position Classification Review - Higher Education Officer Series Titles


Application for Adjunct Promotion

Promotion Application Packet for Full Time Faculty


Full Time Faculty Workload Report

Multiple Position Form for Full-Time Faculty

Multiple Position Form for Non-Teaching Instructional Staff

Multiple Position Summer Assignment Reporting Form

Workload Report Form for Adjunct Faculty and Graduate Teaching Fellows

Worker's Compensation

Election of Rate of Charge Against Annual and/or Sick Leave Balances

Employer's Report of Work-Related Injury/Illness

Workers Compensation- Report of Injury

Workers' Compensation Claim Initiation - Accident Description Codes

Workers' Compensation Claim Initiation - Employee Statement Form

Workers' Compensation Claim Initiation - Witness Statement Form

Workers' Compensation- Employee Claim


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