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Civil Service Staff

As part of the Civil Service Classified Staff your wages, hours and benefits are governed by collective bargaining contracts negotiated between DC 37 and the City of New York. The information below has been prepared to answer some of the questions you may have about your benefits.

For a complete guide to DC 37 benefits, see Your Benefits at a Glance.

Contact Amparo Lopez-Moreno, our Benefits Officer, at 212-220-8301 for questions pertaining to your benefit options.

Civil Service includes Blue Collar Titles—Custodial series, Store-Stock and Security, White Collar Titles—Clerical, Administrative, Computer Information series, College Accounting series, Print Shop, Disability Accommodations Specialist, Sign Language Interpreter, Mail/Message Services, Purchasing series, Staff Nurse, Media Technician and Skilled Trade Titles—Carpenter, Electrician, Laborer, Locksmith, Maintenance Worker, Oiler, Painter, Plumber series, Roofer, Stationary Engineer series, Thermostat Repairer.