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Honors Program Classes

In the Fall 2017 semester, some of the classes you can take in this program include:

Course Course Name Faculty
ACC 241 - 1900 Taxation: Federal Barker, Joel
CSC 210 - 1200 Computer Programming II Chen, Yan
CSC 330 - 1000 Data Structures I Chen, Yan
CRT 100 - 085W Critical Thinking Torres, Rosario
LIN 100 - 052W Language and Culture Sepp, Mary
ENG 201 - 1604 Introduction to Literature Schneiderman, Jason
ENG 350 - 130W Topics in Literature Noimann, Chamutal
HED 195 - 1000 Food, Culture and Society McNamara, Gloria
ART 274 - 1300 Painting Studio II Radell, Thaddeus
MUS 102 - 1104 Principles of Music Reed, Robert
MES 153 - 0904 Script Writing Whetsone, Krista
SPN 430 - 5000 Spanish V: Survey of Spanish Roig, Silvia
BIO 425 - 112B Anatomy and Physiology I Goodwyn, Lauren
BIO 425 - 112W Anatomy and Physiology I Goodwyn, Lauren
PHY 110 - 123B General Physics Hoffmann, Friedrich
PHY 110 - 123L General Physics Hoffmann, Friedrich
PHY 220 - 165B Physics II Tsiklauri, Shalva
PHY 220 - 165L Physics II Tsiklauri, Shalva
CRJ 204 - 1600 Criminal Justice and the Urban Community Leyro, Shirley P
HIS 226 - 1200 Conflict in the Middle East Freas, Erik
HUM 411 - 1700 Social Welfare Programs and Policies Greenwood, Debra
PHI 100 - 120W Philosophy Colapinto, Andres
PSY 100 - 1206 General Psychology Rodgers, Kelly

Honors Enhanced Classes

These are sections where students who are eligible to do an honors course can do this level of work while being enrolled in a regular class. The honors eligible students will do additional work in the class that would make it an honors course for them, so that, upon successfully meeting all of the criteria for honors work at the end of the semester, they will receive the honors designation on their transcript for the course.

The following courses are Honors Enhanced:

Course Course Name Faculty
ENG 201 - 1412 Introduction to Literature Fish, Cheryl
FNB 250 – 1100 Money and Banking Tournas, Ioannis
FNB 250 – 1400 Money and Banking Tournas, Ioannis