Public Health

The Department of Health Education offers a major in Public Health leading to an Associate in Science degree. This program aims to professionally prepare students for careers in public health and transfer to senior college programs. This program has articulation agreements with York College.

Required Common Core

English Composition 6
Mathematical and Quantitative Reasoning1 3
Life and Physical Sciences1 3
Total Required Common Core 12


Flexible Core2

Creative Expression 3
Individual and Society 3
Scientific World1 6
U.S. Experience in its Diversity 3
World Culture & Global Issues 3
Total Flexible Core 18
Total Common Core 30


Curriculum Requirements

HED 110 Comprehensive Health Education 3
HED 275 HIV/AIDS: Public Health Implications 3
HED 280 History and Principles of Public Health 3
HED 285 Social and Behavioral Determinants of Health 3
HED 290 Principles and Practices of Behavior Change 3
HED 295 Epidemiology for Public Health Practice 3
HED 296 Applied Biostatistics in Public Health 3
XXX xxx General Electives 3
Choose 6 credits from the following: 6
HED 201 Health Education and Exercise 3
HED 202 Drug Use in American Society 3
HED 210 Contemporary Health Issues 2
HED 220 Human Sexuality 3
HED 225 Health Concerns of Women 3
HED 230 Consumer Health Survey 3
HED 235 Nutrition for Health 3
HED 240 First Aid, Safety and Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation 3
HED 250 Stress: Awareness, Understanding & Management 3
HED 260 Wellness and Cardiovascular Care 3
HED 270 Health Perspectives of Death and Dying 3
Total Curriculum Credits 30
Total Program Credits 60

1 These credits can be satisfied by taking STEM variants in the Common Core.
2 No more than two courses in any discipline or interdisciplinary field can be used to satisfy Flexible Core requirements.

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