Expeditions in Computing

Deadline Date: 04/25/2018

Agency: National Science Foundation (NSF)

Scope: The far-reaching impact and rate of innovation in the computing and information disciplines has been remarkable, generating
economic prosperity and enhancing the quality of life for people throughout the world. The Directorate for Computer and Information Science
and Engineering (CISE) has created the Expeditions in Computing (Expeditions) program to provide the CISE research and education community with the
opportunity to pursue ambitious, fundamental research agendas that promise to define the future of computing and information. In planning
Expeditions projects, investigators are encouraged to come together within or across departments or institutions to combine their creative talents in
the identification of compelling, transformative research agendas that promise disruptive innovations in computing and information for many
years to come. Funded at levels up to $2,000,000 per year for five years, Expeditions represent some of the largest single investments currently
made by the directorate. Together with the Science and Technology Centers CISE supports, Expeditions form the centerpiece of the directorate's
center-scale award portfolio. With awards funded at levels that promote the formation of research teams, CISE recognizes that concurrent research
advances in multiple fields or sub-fields are often necessary to stimulate deep and enduring outcomes.The awards made in this program will
complement research areas supported by other CISE programs, which target particular computing and information science and engineering fields.
FUNDING: $30 million for 2-4 awards. Projects with annual budgets up to $2,000,000 for durations of
five years will be supported.  

Websorte: http://www.nsf.gov/publications/pub_summ.jsp?ods_key=nsf18528