Steven Fiterman

President - Ground Development, Inc.

Steven C. Fiterman is the Manager and Chief Principal of several real estate management and development companies. The companies invest in many local communities in multiple states of the United States. These companies serve local markets with abilities specific to real estate portfolio management, expertise in community and land development, and the mastery of residential home building.

He has offices in both Minnesota and Florida, and has served in this capacity since the early 1970’s.

Steven C. Fiterman is the only son of BMCC Fund Board Member Miles Fiterman. Mr. Fiterman has served on many community and non-profit boards during his life, notably the Board of Trustees of Simpson College, in the Des Moines, Iowa area, his and his wife’s Alma Mater.

Along with his wife Susan, he is a trustee and principal donor to the Steven C. and Susan L. Fiterman Charitable Foundation.