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Prospective Students

Program Requirements


Freshman Learning Academy students must be:

First-Time Freshmen:  Students may transfer in credits from College Now, Advanced Placement (AP) or other Early College opportunities.

Liberal Arts Majors:  As students explore their interests and set goals, they will work with FLA coordinators to change majors if/as needed.

Exempt or Last Level English and Reading for Course Placement: Students must place into ACR095, ENG095, or ENG101 to be eligible to join FLA.  Students may join FLA regardless of math placement.

Why join FLA?

Student Testimonials

“The FLA Workshop helped us to become more open and experience many different things.  It also made us feel more welcomed and comfortable at BMCC.  It introduced us to new experiences and was a helpful resource around BMCC, especially for us freshman.”

“Don’t be afraid to ask questions; everyone is here to help you.  Make friends, the more the better.”

“(FLA Workshop Topics) helped motivate me to do my best and to push myself even harder to achieve my goals.”

“Don’t worry about ‘not having a major’ at this point in your college career.  Take advantage of this program’s perks and don’t be afraid to ask questions.”

“The FLA was really helpful (nice sweet people to speak to, makes everyone feel comfortable).  I know more about BMCC and about help that I wasn’t aware of before...”

“College is fun.  It’s very different from high school, its more freedom and way more work.  Now you have to be independent and stay on top of your work, but it’s all worth it.”

“It was a great experience.  FLA made college so much more comfortable.  It helped me know the campus and my teachers.  Having class with the same students helped me gain friends...”

“The professors are very helpful and the advisors are awesome and always there for you.”

“I think the FLA Coordinators should continue to be our advisors until we graduate because they know us on a kind of personal level and they are easy to approach.”

“If you feel as if you are having a difficult time in a class, don’t be afraid to speak with your professor during office hours.  Treat school as if it’s your job!”

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