Sample Panel

Sample Panel

What would your Donor Wall panel look like?

More Ways to Give to BMCC

The glass Donor Wall displayed in The Miles and Shirley Fiterman Hall’s spacious first-floor lobby gives public recognition to BMCC’s generous benefactors.

Donor Wall

Unrestricted donations of $10,000 will be commemorated for five years, with glass panels carrying messages of inspiration for all BMCC students, alumni, and friends. Donor Wall gifts may be paid over two years.

A permanent legacy

For BMCC supporters who want their legacy to be a permanent part of Fiterman Hall, unrestricted donations starting at $50,000 will name a room or space in their honor, and their contribution will be marked with a commemorative plaque on view for countless generations of students; tangible evidence that the world is watching their progress, and believing in their success.

Contact us

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