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Financial Aid 101

What if I need more financial help?

During the academic year, you and your family may experience a change in your financial situation. You may feel your financial situation is unusual or warrants additional consideration. You may think questions about your parents shouldn't apply to you. You may have questions about how your financial need was calculated.

If you believe that you have an unusual circumstance, or have other questions about your awards, you may ask a financial aid counselor to review your financial aid application to see if adjustments can be made to more closely reflect your individual circumstances. It is your responsibility to notify the Financial Aid Office of any special or unusual circumstances or changes in your financial status that may affect your ability to pay for college.

  1. If you are required to provide parental data on your application but cannot because an extreme circumstance has caused an involuntary dissolution of your family, complete and submit a Dependency Status Appeal Form. Please note that your status cannot be changed because your parents refuse to contribute to your education, are unwilling to complete the FAFSA, do not claim you on their taxes, or you are financially self-sufficient and living on your own.
  2. If you or your family has suffered a loss of income in the time since your financial aid applications were filed, complete and submit an Income Adjustment Form. The loss of income may be due to such factors as loss of employment, loss of benefits, divorce, death. a natural disaster or some other major change.
  3. If you or your family have unusual expenses that you believe were not accounted for on your financial aid applications, complete and submit an Expense Adjustment Form.
  4. If you would like reconsideration for a financial aid award that you didn't receive (such as Federal Work-Study, Perkins Loan or SEOG), complete and submit an Award Letter Appeal Form.

Download these forms from our Printable Forms page. You must visit the Financial Aid Office and speak with a financial aid counselor for all the above situations except the 4th.

What other sources of financial aid should I check out?

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