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Financial Aid 101

When do I receive the money?

The Financial Aid Office must receive your application information in electronic form, and determine that it is correct and complete before any federal financial aid can be awarded to you.  Your application record must accurately reflect all changes, corrections and updates and be accompanied by all required supporting documentation before you can receive your awards. Your "To Do List" on your CUNYfirst Student Center page will tell you about any remaining requirements.

When all requirements have been satisfied, CUNY will send you an e-mail award letter detailing the types and amounts of the awards contained in your financial aid package. You will also be able to view your complete awards package on your Student Center page in CUNYfirst, along with disbursement information and any additional requirements you need to fulfill to receive the funds.

If you have requested a Federal Direct Loan, you will be sent a Disclosure Notice with anticipated disbursement dates. Once your loan request is processed, your approved loan amount will be added to your awards package on CUNYfirst.

Your TAP, PELL and loan funds will be credited to your student acount as "anticipated aid" when you register for classes each term. TAP funds are not disbursed directly to you but are paid directly to the college to cover your tuition. Other grants and loans will be applied to any remaining charges on your tuition account.  Amounts not needed to cover your school charges will be refunded to you.

View your scheduled disbursement dates on your CUNYfirst account by logging into your Student Center, clicking on "View Financial Aid" and then selecting "View Scheduled Disbursements".  Note that the disbursement dates listed represent the earliest possible date that the aid will be disbursed. The actual disbursement date may be different.  You may view the actual disbursement date by clicking on "Account Inquiry" in your Student Center.  

Student financial aid is awarded with the expectation that you will attend school for the entire period for which your financial aid was intended. To receive all the aid to whch you are entitled, you must actually begin attendance in your classes. The college uses attendance information reported by your instructors to determine whether or not you have actually begun attendance.

If you register for classes but do not begin attendance, your financial aid will be cancelled. If you receive a payment of financial aid funds for classes you have never attended, you will be held liable for repayment of those funds and will have to return any payment you receive immediately to the college.

Before crediting your tuition account with any grant or loan funds and making any refunds to you, we will verify your enrollment status with the college registrar. Your enrollment status will be measured at the end of the 7th day of the semester to determine your eligibility for PELL and other financial aid grants. For student loans, your enrollment status will be rechecked at the point the loan payment is made regardless of when in the semester you are receiving it.

What if I need more financial help?

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