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Financial Aid 101

What do I have to do after I file my applications?

You will receive a response for each financial aid application you file, usually by e-mail. Based on the instructions in the response, you may have to take additional steps before you receive any financial aid awards. Some students lose out by not following up on their application status with the Financial Aid Office.

Look for your Student Aid Report
You will receive a Student Aid Report (or SAR) by e-mail within 1-3 days after you submit your FAFSA. Your SAR will have messages telling you what you must do to finalize your status.

Print a copy of your SAR
The Financial Aid Office doesn't need a copy of your SAR, but you should always have a printed SAR for your records. Download your SAR from FAFSA on the Web after you receive the email that says your FAFSA was processed.

Look for your TAP Award Notice
You will receive a TAP award notification by email 4-6 weeks after filing TAP on the Web. New York State Higher Education Services Corporation (HESC) will contact you by email if they require additional information to process your TAP application.

Check your application status
Use your FSA ID at any time to check the status of your FAFSA or print a SAR at FAFSA on the Web.  Use your HESC user name and PIN to check your TAP application or award status at TAP on the Web. You can also check your application and award status by logging into your Student Center on CUNYfirst.

Respond promptly to requests for information
Your SAR reports everything you wrote on your FAFSA with instructions about what you must do to get federal student aid. If you included BMCC as one of your college choices, the college receives your application information about the same time you receive your SAR. The Financial Aid Office will send you a missing information e-mail if more information is required. Make sure you respond promptly to any e-mail requests for information.

Pay attention to your "To Do List"
Your "To Do List" can be viewed on your Student Center in CUNYfirst. Your "To Do List" will show what you need to submit to the Fianncial Aid Office. An unresolved "To Do List" item will stop you from receiving your financial aid awards.

My SAR indicates that my application was selected for "Verification". What is that?
The federal government uses verification to make sure your FAFSA is correct. When an application is selected for verification, you must submit certain documents to the Financial Aid Office. Your documents will be matched against the information on your FAFSA. Being selected for verification does not mean you have done anything wrong -- the U.S. Department of Education chooses applications to verify at random.

If your application must be verified, a "To Do List" item will be posted to your Student Center page in CUNYfirst. You will also receive an e-mail from the college telling you what to bring in to the Financial Aid Office. After you submit your information, your application will be reviewed and, if necessary, corrected. Reprocessing, if required, takes about 10-14 business days.

Once you have submitted information to the Financial Aid Office, make no further changes to your application unless you speak with a financial aid counselor first.

Pay attention to processing deadlines
To receive a federal aid payment for any term, your FAFSA must be processed while you are still enrolled for the semester you want the aid for. You must have an official EFC by your last day of enrollment and the Office of Financial Aid must make sure your information is valid and correct by that date. A student loan request must have been processed by the U.S. Dept. of Education. Under certain circumstances, such as students selected for verification, we may be able to process your aid even if the semester is over.

When do I receive the money?

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