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1.  Why do we say “I eat chicken” or “I don’t eat chicken” in English but in French we have to add other words?
if you like, hate, adore or prefer chicken, it works just like English...
Rating :     Views : 824

2.  Why are all nouns (including objects (i.e. car) masculine or feminine (in French)?
French is a Romance Language...
Rating :     Views : 679

3.  Why do you say “sa voiture” for “his car” when the car belongs to “him” and “sa” is a feminine word?
In French, possessive adjectives (e...
Rating :     Views : 643

4.  How do I know whether a noun is masculine or feminine?
The nouns in French are either of masculine or of feminine gender...
Rating :     Views : 973

5.  What is the difference between "tu" and "vous"?
Both mean "you" but they are used in different ways...
Rating :     Views : 567

6.  Why do you have masculine and feminine adjectives in French and why are they pluralized?
French the adjectives agree in gender and number with the noun that they modify...
Rating :     Views : 626

7.  What is an idomatic expression?
An idiomatic expression is a phrase whose meaning cannot be understood from the literal meaning of the words in it (Example: "you are pulling my leg")...
Rating :     Views : 526

8.  Are accents important or do they not matter that much?
In French, there are 3 different types of accents: accent aigu (é), accent grave (è) and accent circonflexe (ê)...
Rating :     Views : 630

9.  What are cognates?
Cognates are words that share similar meanings and spellings in two or more languages...
Rating :     Views : 562

10.  What is the difference between "oui" and "si"?
Both mean "yes"...
Rating :     Views : 811

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