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1.  Why do you have masculine and feminine adjectives in Spanish and why are they pluralized?
In Spanish, the adjectives agree in gender and number with the noun that they modify...
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2.  Why are there two verbs in Spanish meaning "to be?
The verbs “Ser” (to be) and “Estar” (to be) are used in different situations...
Rating :     Views : 996

3.  How do you know when a word needs a written accent?
There are rules for putting a written accent depending on the number of syllables that a word has...
Rating :     Views : 2540

4.  When do you know that an expression is idiomatic?
In an idiomatic expression you have to translate the equivalent...
Rating :     Views : 1604

5.  Why are there different forms of adverbs to modify a noun?
To avoid alliterative syllabication...
Rating :     Views : 902

6.  Explain the difference in the two past tenses in Spanish.
The preterit tense indicates a completed past action...
Rating :     Views : 920

7.  Why is the syntax of Spanish sentences variable?
>Unlike English, the Spanish language lends itself to flexibility of syntax...
Rating :     Views : 1068

8.  When do you use the Present Progressive form?
The present progressive emphasizes that an action is going on...
Rating :     Views : 888

9.  Explain the verb “Gustar”.
The verb “Gustar” means to please or to be pleasing...
Rating :     Views : 608

10.  In telling time, can you say "cuatro cuarenta y cinco"?
Rating :     Views : 889

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