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New Faculty Biographies September 2014

At Faculty Focus we are eager to introduce you to faculty who joined us for Fall 2014. Click on "New Faculty Biographies," right column, and read on for profiles of the newest members of the BMCC Team!


Pedagogy Column: Math and Art

Lina Wu, Mathematics

I have found that teaching math concepts by using beautiful artwork inspires students to learn math.


Pedagogy Column: Valuing the Writing Process

Margaret Barrow, English

Grades indicate to students how well or not they have completed the assigned tasks. How often have you found yourself working long hours on grading students’ papers only to watch your students turn to the last page to see the final grade and ignore your comments?


A Gallery of One's Own: Publications Day 2014

Maureen Matarese, Developmental Skills

Scholars from across BMCC featured their textbooks, creative works, monographs, edited volumes, and journal articles at Publications Day, on May 8th, 2014. The expo-event style drew a large crowd with over eighty faculty and staff participating.


Faculty Development Day: Gaming the Curriculum

Barbara A. Lawrence, Mathematics

How can instructors design and utilize games to enhance students’ learning? Faculty and staff addressed this question at the annual Faculty Development Day event on Tuesday, November 4, 2014.


Creative Arts Day 2014

Elizabeth Berlinger, English


On a sunny, morning the week before Thanksgiving, the creative fruits of BMCC faculty and staff were in full bloom. Creative Arts Day presented a stunning collection of faculty and staff artwork and performances that ranged from oil painting to travel photography, from Irish to Haitian dance, and from poetry reading to piano and singing. The event was organized by Zhanna Yablokova (English) and Thaddeus Radell (Music and Art).


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