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Professional Evaluation of Faculty

Professional evaluation of faculty is conducted in accordance with the PSC-CUNY Contract, Article 18.

Annual Evaluations

Teaching faculty other than tenured full professors are evaluated annually based on total academic professional performance. The evaluation, conducted by the chair, should address teaching; scholarship or creative activity; department, college or university service; and professional development activities. Librarians, CLTs and Counselors are evaluated annually based on total performance and professional progress. The purpose of the evaluation is to recognize accomplishments and to encourage improvement of individual professional performance that can assist with decisions regarding reappointment, tenure, and promotion.

Peer Observations

BMCC faculty who are non‑tenured and non‑certificated members of the teaching staff are observed at least once per semester during the first ten weeks of a semester. Observations are scheduled by the department.
Adjunct faculty should be observed for 10 semesters within the same department at the same college. After 10 semesters of observation, an observation can be held at the request of the chairperson or adjunct.

Student Evaluations

Student Evaluations of faculty are conducted in coordination with the academic department and the Office of Institutional Effectiveness and Analytics towards the end of each academic semester. In the fall term, all teaching faculty are evaluated. In the spring term, departments notify the office of institutional effectiveness and analytics of which faculty are to be evaluated by students, such as newly hired faculty, tenure-track faculty, faculty seeking promotion, by request of faculty member, etc.