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Zetta Elliott, Assistant Professsor, visits the African Burial Ground in lower Manhattan.


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Launching the Ship of Souls
Professor and award-winning author Zetta Elliott talks about her latest novel.

Journey into the Past

Zetta Elliott takes her students on a tour of the African Burial Ground National Monument.

The Human Face of Geography
Mathews-Salazar teaches about mankind’s impact on the planet – and vice versa

Paths to Self-discovery
Students enroll in BMCC’s Ethnic Studies courses to learn about other cultures – and about themselves.

The Center for Ethnic Studies offers BMCC students an opportunity to study the experiences of diverse racial and ethnic groups in North America, as well as the histories and creative expressions of Africa, the Caribbean, Latin America, and Asia. Through a socially relevant curriculum, we strive to revitalize the cultural heritages of historically excluded and underrepresented groups—Africans and peoples of African descent, Latinos, and Asians. Our approach to the study of identities, migration, cultures, literature, arts, and politics is multi-continental and interdisciplinary. Our courses reach across myriad disciplines and continents to cultivate global, comparative, transnational, and socio-historical perspectives on race, ethnicity, gender, and class.


We see the pursuit of self-knowledge as both a truth-seeking project and central to self-empowerment.  We want our students to:

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