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Finding the Path to Literary Citizenship

Transitions and Transactions II explores the role of literature and creativity in community college pedagogy.

Faculty Spotlight: Jason Schneiderman

The English Department prepares students who have various levels of proficiency to reach an optimum level of performance in writing. The courses offered by the department enable students to qualify for graduation and to perform successfully in four-year colleges.

All entering students are required to take the CUNY/ACT Writing test for placement. Students who score below 7 will enroll in an appropriate remedial writing course and will not be permitted to enroll in English 101 until they complete their remedial requirements.

All students are required to take English 101 and English 201 (or English 121 which combines both). Liberal Arts students are required to take one three-credit course beyond English 201. It is an option in the Business Administration program. This requirement may be fulfilled by an English III course or by literature courses offered in the Center for Ethnic Studies (African-American, Asian-American, and Latino/a literature).

The English Department also offers the Writing and Literature degree, a program of classes that trains students how to think and write critically about literature, write journalism, and compose poems, plays, and stories.

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