ENG 101 5001 - English Composition

English Composition is the standard freshman writing course. The course introduces students to academic writing. By its conclusion, students will be ready for English 201 and for the writing they will be asked to do in advanced courses across the curriculum. Students completing ENG 101 will have mastered the fundamentals of college-level reading and writing, including developing a thesis-driven response to the writing of others and following the basic conventions of citation and documentation. They will have practiced what Mike Rose calls the "habits of mind" necessary for success in college and in the larger world: summarizing, classifying, comparing, contrasting, and analyzing. Students will be introduced to basic research methods and MLA documentation and complete a research project. Students are required to take a departmental final exam that requires the composition of a 500 word thesis-driven essay comparing and contrasting two essays. Prerequisite: Pass the CATR and CATW tests.

Course Credit: 3

Professor Aimee Record

Special Instructions and Information:

This class will meet in Room FH305 on Wednesdays from 11:30am to 1:30pm on the following dates:
1/31/18, 2/14/18, 3/14/18, 4/11/18, 5/9/18 and 5/16/18.