EDU-202 001 - Urban Schools in a Diverse American Society

The social context of schooling. An inquiry into the philosophy, history, and sociology of education in the urban setting. Topics include: immigration, bilingualism, multi-cultural curricula, tracking, funding, school reform, and social inequalities (particularly gender, race, class, and disability). Digital technology will be used as much as possible in data gathering. Students engage in fieldwork consisting of visitations to Community School Board meetings, ethnographic investigation of neighborhoods, interviewing of parents, and polling of college students.

Pre-Requisite: PSY100

Course Credit: 4

Prof. Yolanda Medina

Special Instructions and Information:

Schooling in a Diverse American Society by Yolanda Medina, 0-558-76382-0

Class meets every Monday from 11am to 12:50pm in N790

EDU 202 is a required course for New York State Teacher Certification and as such students are expected to complete 15 hours of fieldwork. Completion of your fieldwork hours is a must in order to pass this class. You need to find time in your schedule to fit these in. You will need to meet with me once at the end of this semester (Wednesday, May 22, 2013 between 3pm and 7pm) in my office to report your fieldwork hours with its documentation, complete your time sheet, and get it signed by me.