MAT-012 052 - Basic Arithmetic & Algebra

This course is a combination of arithmetic and elementary algebra. It includes the arithmetic of integers, fractions, decimals, and percent. In addition, such topics as signed numbers, algebraic representation, operations with polynomials, factoring, the solution of simultaneous linear equations of two variables, and graphing are covered.

Course Credit:

Prof. Dale Dawes

Special Instructions and Information:

Required Text and Readings:

1) Geoffrey Akst and Sadie Bragg, Introductory Algebra with Arithmetic Review, Third Custom Edition, book package with MathXL access code, Pearson Custom Publishing, 2009, ISBN 0558737862.
OR 2)Stand-alone MathXL access code with eBook: ISBN 0201726114.

Use of Technology: All students are required to use the MathXL online courseware system. It contains videos, homework problems, chapter tests and quizzes, step-by-step help, an online version of the textbook, and more. Students can access the online courseware only by buying a new textbook that contains a student access card or by buying a separate access code from the bookstore or the publisher (at MathXL can be accessed on any computer that has internet access.

Course meets every in person every Thursday from 2 pm to 4:45 pm in N553.
Additional Meetings for Test Preparation:
Tuesdays: 5/6/14, 5/13/14 from 2-3:40 pm RTBA