SPN 102 0500 - Spanish II

In this continuation of Spanish I, grammar, composition, oral comprehension are developed and supplemented by readings of Spanish texts. Prerequisite: SPN 101 or departmental approval.

Course Credit: 4

Lab Hours: 1HRS.
Sample Syllabus

Professor Oneida Sanchez

Special Instructions and Information:

REQUIRED: EN LÍNEA 3.0 online access code (6-Month access to complete site) by Blanco et al. Publisher: Vista Higher Learning. ISBN: 978-1-61767-550-8 or 978-1-61767-551-5.

Students must have purchased, have set up their accounts and have access to this online access code by CUNY’s official first day of classes.

OPTIONAL: EN LÍNEA 3.0 online access code (6 Month access) + Volume 2 Companion edition by Blanco et al. Publisher: Vista Higher Learning. ISBN: 978-1-61767-594-2

May be purchased directly from publisher at: http://www.vhldirect.com/store/bmcc.htm

Contact instructor to confirm registration & complete PLACEMENT TEST on BlackBoard.

Students must check their BMCC email regularly.

This class is for students who previously took SPN 101 or who took the placement test in the Modern Languages Department and were placed here.

Students must have purchased the online access code to the textbook (EN LÍNEA 3.0) and accessed the textbook by the 1st day of classes.