MAT-051 101 - Elementary Algebra

This course is the first algebra course offered at the College. It includes such topics as algebraic representation, signed numbers, operations with polynomials, factoring, the solution of linear equations, the coordinate system, the solution of simultaneous linear equations of two variables, and graphing. This course is designed to prepare students for the CUNY Freshman Skills Assessment Test required for transfer to the upper division of CUNY, as well as for more advanced math courses. If a student passes MAT 012, the student should not register for MAT 051, since MAT 012 combines MAT 011 and MAT 051.

Prerequisite: MAT 010 or MAT 011, if needed.

Course Credit:

Professor Dale Dawes |

Special Instructions and Information:

Required Text and Readings (One of the three options* is required):

1) Lifetime Edition WebAssign access code with eBook: ISBN 0538738103

2) Lifetime Edition WebAssign access code with eBook AND Custom ElementaryAlgebra, 9th edition textbook, ISBN 1133851703

3) Charles Mckeague, Elementary Algebra, 9th edition, bundled with a Lifetime Edition WebAssign access code, Thomson, Brooks Cole, 2012, ISBN 0840064217.

*NOTE: Options 1 and 2 are available through Option 3 is available through the college bookstore.

Course meets every Tuesday from 2 pm to 3:40pm in F507.

Additional Meetings for Test Preparation:

Thursdays: 5/8/14, 5/15/14 from 2-3:40 pm RTBA