LIN-100 007 - Language and Culture

This course will introduce the student to the study of language in multicultural urban settings. The course will introduce related topics, such as bilingual/bidialectal families and bilingual education, language and gender, literacy in a changing, technological society, child language acquisition, and different dialects and registers of English. The readings will draw on works in linguistics, literature and related fields. Students will work on critical reading and produce writing based on the readings in connections with their own experiences and backgrounds.

Basic Skills Prerequisites: ENG088, ESL062, ACR094

Course Credit: 3

Sample Syllabus

Professor: Cynthia Wiseman |

Special Instructions and Information:

Clark, Eschholtz, Rosa, & Simon. Language: Introductory Readings, 7th ed. Bedford/St. Martin’s Press, ISBN: 0-312-45018-4, ISBN-13: 978-0-312-45018-2

Please do the following to optimize your learning experience in the online course:

The first week of class go to S510a E-Learning Center for any questions regarding onlining learning.

Make sure you have access to a computer at school and at home.

Familiarize yourself with Blackboard -- Course Information, Announcements, Course Documents, Discussion Board, Assignments.

Once the semester begins, log onto Bb every day.

Allow time to complete the assignments that are due each week.

Download a copy of the syllabus but check announcements each week for an update on due dates or assignments.

Read the assigned material. Check the rubrics for each assignment to make sure that you fulfill the requirements and therefore optimize your chances for a good grade.