HUM 211 0500 - Introduction to Gerontology

This course provides students with a basic understanding of the interrelationships between the physical, intellectual, social and psychological aspects of the aging process in contemporary society. Problems particular to aging are explored as well as policies and programs which have been developed to deal with them.

Basic Skills Prerequisites: ENG095, ESL095, ACR095

Course Credit: 3

Prof. Lun, Man Wai |

Special Instructions and Information:

1. Students are expected to log in Blackboard at least one week prior to classes.
2. Students will receive a reminder from instructor via their BMCC email before semester begins.
3. Students must check their BMCC email and the Blackboard site regularly.
4. Students need to access to Microsoft Office Word and PowerPoint, BMCC email, Acrobat Reader, Blackboard, Internet Explorer or Firefox & connection to Internet (Access is needed either at home, school, work, or via an electrontic device for these)