ENG 360 0500 - Italian-American Literature

The experience of Italian Americans in this country is a story common to all immigrants. This course takes you on a familiar journey from immigration to assimilation. On the way, we will hear about early encounters with brutal working conditions and discrimination, as well as the conflict between the generations, one tightly holding on to traditions while the other is trying to cut ties to the mother country. We will read an immigrant’s autobiography, autobiographical fiction, poetry, short stories, and a play by Italian American writers, examining what makes their fiction uniquely Italian American.

Prerequisites: ENG 201 or ENG 121

Course Credit: 3

Sample Syllabus

Prof. Caroline Pari-Pfisterer | cparipfisterer@bmcc.cuny.edu

Special Instructions and Information:

Special Instructions:

This course is Writing Intensive.

There are no face to face meetings required.

The professor will email you one week before the semester begins.

Required Texts:
Son of Italy. d’Angelo, Pascal. 1924. Guernica Editions, 2003. ISBN-10: 1550710982 ISBN-13: 978-1550710984

The Fortunate Pilgrim. Puzo, Mario. 1964. Random House, 2004. ISBN-10: 0345476727 ISBN-13: 978-0345476722