ENG 311 0500 - Creative Writing

The objective of this course is to sharpen students' creative writing skills in the genres of the short story, poetry and drama, depending on students' interests and ability.

As a consequence, for ENG311-98A, Professor Tolan online course will cover as follow: In this course students will be introduced to and immerse themselves in the creative process. They be taught and invited to write various forms of poetry, including lyric poetry and dramatic monologues, and short fiction. Students will have outside reading but the vast majority of the course will be based in experiential learning and focus on the writing student’s produce in response to their reading and experiences. Students will write and revise throughout each week of the course and venture creatively into the world around in search of experiences that feed their desire and ability to create engaging poetry and prose.

Course Credit: 3

Prof. Catherine Cammelleri | ccammeleri@bmcc.cuny.edu

Special Instructions and Information:

Students should log onto BlackBoard on the first day of classes

No mandatory meetings, though students are welcome to schedule an appointment with the instructor throughout the semester and attend events for extra credit.

Students must check their BMCC email regularly.

Please check back for textbook information.