BIO 210 173 - Biology I

This two-semester course acquaints students with the basic properties of living systems: metabolism, growth, responsiveness and reproduction at the cellular and organism levels as illustrated by assorted plants and animals. Two terms required.

Corequisite for BIO 210 is ENG 101 Prerequisite for BIO 220 is BIO 210

Course Credit: 4

Prof. Nanette van Loon |

Special Instructions and Information:

for lecture: Campbell Biology 9th Edition with Mastering Biology, by Reece, Urry, Cain, Wasserman, Minorsky and Jackson. Benjamin Cummings, 2010 hardcover: ISBN 9780321558145 or e-text with Mastering Biology: ISBN 9780321686503

You can get either the hardcover book with Mastering Biology, or the e-text with Mastering Biology, or the custom edition for BMCC with Mastering Biology (loose-leaf, ring-bound; available in the BMCC bookstore).

For lab: Laboratory Manual for Biology I, by Jayant, Meyers, Geddis and Priano Kendall/Hunt Publishing Company 2011 ISBN 9870757594984 (available in the BMCC bookstore) BIO-210 015 is a partially online course.

The laboratories are face-to-face, and are held on Wednesday from 5pm to 7:45pm in N674. Attendance and participation in the laboratories are required, as well as participation in the online activities and homework.