PSY-100 084 - General Psychology

This course stresses adaptive human behavior in relation to the environment. Topics considered include: origins and methods of psychology, neuropsychological bases of behavior, maturation, motivation, emotion, learning frustration, and conflict.

Course Credit: 3

Professor: Yana Durmysheva -

Special Instructions and Information:

King, L.A. (2011). The Science of psychology: An appreciative view (2nd ed.). New York: McGraw Hill. ISBN # 007-793159-9 Also required: Access to Connect learning tool – may be purchased together with the textbook or separately.

See purchasing options.

Purchasing options 1. Textbook with Connect Plus (includes both paper and e-book) ISBN # 007-793159-9

2. Loose-leaf textbook with Connect Plus (includes both paper and e-book) ISBN # 007-793158-0

3. Connect Plus only (includes e-book) ISBN # 007-734763-3

4. You may also purchase a used copy of the textbook and buy access to Connect separately. This is probably the cheapest option. Textbook only (2nd edition) ISBN # 007-353206-1, Connect only ISBN # 007-734765-X. Textbook only (1st edition) ISBN # 007-353188-X.