ENG-334 001 - Children's Literature

This course studies and analyzes outstanding classical, contemporary and multicultural literature for children and adolscents, arranged by genre. Students are given an overview of the evolution of the literature from its cultural roots in myth and legend to its present role as a reflector of moderm society.

Pre-requisite: ENG101 and ENG201 or ENG121

Course Credit: 03

Professor Julie Cassidy | jcassidy@bmcc.cuny.edu

Special Instructions and Information:


Author Mildred Taylor, Title: Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry, ISBN-10:0142401129.

Author John Green, Title: An Abundance of Katerines by John Green, ISBN-10: 0525476881,

Author(S) David Levithan, Boy meets boy, ISBN 0375832998,

Author(s) Robert Cornier, Title: The Chocolate War, ISBN 0375829873,

Author(s) Judy Blume, Title: Are you There God? It's Me Margaret, ISBN 9780440404194

Author(s) Suzanne Collins, Title: Hunger Games, ISBN 978-0439023528

Students can buy from the bookstore or borrow from the library any edition of the novels.