MAT-100 027 - Fundamentals of Mathematics I

This course includes the study of several mathematical systems. The role of mathematics in modern culture, the role of postulational thinking in all of mathematics, and the scientific method are discussed. The course considers topics such as: the nature of axioms, truth and validity; the concept of number; the concept of set; scales of notation; and groups and fields.

Basic Skills Prerequisites: ESL062, ACR094, MAT012/MAT051

Course Credit: 04

Sample Syllabus

Professor Nicole Taylor-Buckner

Special Instructions and Information:

- The course is not writing intensive.
- The book is optional, not required and its information is: Mathematical Ideas, Custom Edition for Borough of Manhattan Community College (taken from Mathematical Ideas, 11th edition), Miller, Heeren and Hornsby;
Addison Wesley Longman Inc; 2008.
ISBN-13: 978-0-321-46111-7
ISBN-10: 0-321-46111-8
-I have attached the syllabus.
-Synchronous online meetings will be offered. There will be at least ten, based on students' schedules, and students are required to attend at least three.
-Course prerequisites include: MAT 012, MAT 041, and MAT 051.