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E-Learning Center:
Phone: 212-220-1243
Room: S-510a

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Must I log on to the course at one particular place or time?
You can complete your work from anywhere in the world. Anytime means day or night, however online courses have regular assignments and deadlines. Your instructor will expect you to have assignments completed by their due dates.

2. How often do I have to log on to the course?
Depending on the specific requirements of your course, you should generally plan to log-on for three to four times a week for several hours at a time.

3. Can I get credits more easily with an online course?
No, each course takes 9-12 hours a week, depending on the number of credits you will earn for the course. You should plan your schedule to allow enough time for each course you take, including your face-to-face classes.

4. Do online courses follow semester calendar?
Yes, online courses follow the regular academic calendar. Your attendance will be measured by your participation in the course and your completion of assigned work by the due dates.

5. Will I be excused from my work if I have computer problems?
No, computer problems are not acceptable excuses. You can find a computer at the college Cyber Café, the LRC, or at a public library. Always have a back-up plan and complete your work ahead of the due date to avoid a crisis.

6. Will I be provided with a computer?
The college does not provide computers for take home use. Students should have their own computer. A computer is like any other required course material. Don't depend on others for access to a computer.

7. Do I have to be an experienced Internet/computer user to take online courses?
You should have basic working knowledge of computers such as word processing, using the Internet, and checking e-mail. Good typing skills will also be helpful.

8. Can I remain anonymous?
Students cannot remain anonymous and do well in an e-learning course. For most classes your grade is partially measured based on your active participation in discussion activities. Shy students often feel more open to participation in an online forum.

9. Will I be successful if I procrastinate?
E-Learning students must be responsible for meeting deadlines ahead of time. You must be able to schedule your academic, work and personal responsibilities.

10. Is there any personal attention from the teacher?
Professors log on regularly and respond to questions via e-mail, course discussion board, or live chat. Often e-learners notice more interaction with the instructor than in face-to-face classroom environment.

11. Do I need to purchase books?
Yes. You'll  need to purchase textbooks as specified by your instructor just like F2F courses.

12. Where do hybrid courses meet?
Hybrid courses are typically meet half in person and half online. On your schedule, you'll find meeting times and classrooms where you'll meet in person, and the rest of the class will be completed online through deadlines.

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