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Linguistics and Critical Thinking



A new linguistics course will be offered in the Fall 2015 semester - LIN250 "Forensic Linguistics". This is a 3-credit course and will count as a Liberal Arts elective. It is especially recommended for CriminalJustice majors but is open to anyone interested in this subject. The prerequiite is ENG201 or ENG 121.


The first Borough of Manhattan Community College conference on Language, Society, and Culture - "Exploring Language Across the Disciplines" -  took place on May 26th, 2011.  The conference featured guest speaker Dr. Kate Menken of Queens College, faculty presentations, and student posters. In 2012, BMCC hosted the annual conference of the International Linguistics Association.  The 2nd LSC Conference was organized and hosted by Bronx Community College in spring 2014 with the theme of "Storytelling and Academic Discourse".   Plans for a spring 2016 conference at BMCC are underway.

The department's linguistics group has also launched a Language, Society, and Culture FIG (Faculty Interest Group) through CETLS.  Check the CETLS calendar in the fall to join us for a meeting or other event. The FIG provides a forum for coordinating the conference and also sharing relevant research interests with members of other departments.

CRT100 Critical Thinking

3 crs. 3 hrs.

Critical Thinking presents reasoning and problem-solving techniques. It begins with a description of the thinking process and proceeds to examine areas such as identifying and defining problems; understanding the roles of evidence, interpretation, and perception in reasoning; distinguishing between belief and knowledge; understanding the role of language; techniques for organizing information; and methods for building and analyzing arguments.

This is a liberal arts and social science elective course (cross-listed with PHI115) and is open to the general student population. Students placed in remedial courses must be at the 95 level (e.g., ESL95, ACR95, ENG95) in order to register for CRT100.

LIN100 Language and Culture

3 crs. 3 hrs.

This course focuses on the study of Language and Culture. Students will learn about bilingual/bidialectal families and bilingual education, language and gender, literacy in a changing, technological society, child language acquisition and different dialects and registers of English. The readings will draw on works in linguistics, literature and related fields. Students will work on critical reading, producing writing based on the classroom readings in connection with their own experiences and background.

This is a liberal arts and social science elective course (cross-listed with ANT115) and is open to the general student population. Online and Writing Intensive sections are offered on a regular basis. 

Students must have passed or placed out of ESL62, ENG88 and ACR94 in order to register for LIN100.

LIN110  The Structure of English

3 crs. 3 hrs.

This course is designed to provide students with an understanding of the grammatical structures of standard American English, allowing them to read, write, and interpret written texts critically and efficiently Through analysis and discovery, students will learn to evaluate the grammaticality of the written work they produce in their academic coursework. In addition, students will explore a variety of writing genres and styles, and learn to manipulate language more effectively, enriching both their production and understanding of written texts.

Students placed in remedial courses must be at the 95 level (e.g., ESL95, ACR95, ENG95) in order to register for LIN110.

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