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Learning to Think Critically
A course in critical thinking has applications in the classroom—and beyond.

Off to Vietnam

Professor Cynthia Wiseman is awarded a Fulbright Scholar grant to lead ESOL teacher trainings through a university in Vietnam.

The Department of Academic Literacy and Linguistics offers courses in English as a Second Language (ESL) and Academic and Critical Reading (ACR). The courses help students develop the essential skills they need for continued academic progress.

In order to determine whether a student has a need for these courses, placement examinations in reading and writing are given. As a result of these examinations, students may be assigned to ESL and/or reading courses at the appropriate levels. An ESL course is required for all students whose placement examination in writing receives a non-passing score and whose core problems with writing stem from a foreign language background.

Note: Students who are required to take ESL 054/049, 062, 094, 095, and/or ACR 094 or 095 are not permitted to register for more than a total of 18 contact hours a semester.

In addition, the department offers three courses open to the general college population: Critical Thinking (CRT 100/ PHI 115) which allows students to hone their analytical and communication skills; Language and Culture (LIN 100/ ANT 115), where students learn about how language works and how it varies across cultural groups; and The Structure of English (LIN110), which helps students build their knowledge of the grammatical structure of standard American English, allowing them to read, write, and interpret written texts critically and efficiently.

CRT 100/ PHI 115 and LIN 100/ ANT 115 courses include Distance Learning as well as Writing Intensive sections.

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