Academic and curriculum advisement services are available from the Academic Advisement and Transfer Office located in S-108.

Academic Advisement & Program Planning

In order to be advised to register for classes you must meet with your faculty advisor in your department or in the Advisement and Transfer Office.

How to Choose a Major

Focus on what comes naturally to you; what you enjoy doing.

Review your transcript and determine which courses you have excelled.

Try CUNYfirst, BMCC's self-serve, student information system, to look up your grades.

Ask yourself if you can get up in the morning every day and work in an area that is related to your major. If you don't see yourself capable of this, perhaps you may wish to reconsider your choice.

Understand that the reason why you're in college is because you want to prepare for a career, not just another job.

Never choose a major based on how much money you can earn. A wealthy, miserable person dies much younger than a wise, satisfied person. Of course, everyone needs to make a living. But getting up every day to go to a job you hate will only bring you stress.

If possible, visit establishments and/or spend time with individuals who are working in your desired career choice. Don't wait until you're eligible for an internship. Try to gain some exposure now! Find out about doing an internship.

Don't let others, including family and your mate, persuade you into choosing a major they feel is best for you. This is YOUR LIFE, not theirs!

If you're obligated to choose a major due to religious, cultural or parental obligations, try to choose a minor that will at least serve as an alternative that you enjoy.

When choosing majors that deal with education or social sciences, know which population you change with and which you have difficulty with, as well as what your level of tolerance is.

You don't want to waste time and money on a major you dislike or do not do well in. Be honest with yourself and the answer will come easier than you think!

Do not hesitate to speak with an Advisor regarding your advisement or career options.

How to Change Your Major

After you have conducted some research regarding careers you are ready to choose a major.

To change your major:

    • Pick up a form from the Registrar's office
    • Meet with a academic counselor in S-108 to discuss available options.
    • Complete and sign the form.


If you have not conducted career research, please see our Center for Career Development.

 Transfer to Another College

Students interested in transferring to another institution can meet with a counselor to discuss their plans. In addition, the Advisement and Transfer Office located in S-108 is designed to help students research specialized programs offered at other colleges and universities in New York State and in other states. Applications to various institutions including CUNY colleges are available in the Transfer office.

Web resources:

CUNY Tipps
A special web site has been developed by CUNY to help students understand and file for transfer. Students are encouraged to visit this site and browse through for information about course equivalency.

Peterson's Online
Another site available online is from the publishers of Peterson's Guide available in hard copy in the library. Students can review the site and browse through colleges and universities by program across the country.

One final word...
Your education is an important undertaking. Many students start, fewer finish. Make it your goal to complete your education wherever you go.

Employing academic success strategies

Academic success doesn't just happen. You make it happen. Below you will find links to areas that can affect your performance and assist you in achieving academic success.

Understanding academic grading policies

Getting you through the appeals process

Academic Advisement services are available in:

Other academic and curriculum advisement services are available from the Advisement and Transfer Center located in S-108.

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