Student clubs and organizations are a fun and vital part of the BMCC experience. They are chartered to serve the diverse needs and interests of our students. They are avenues for forming friendships, cultural expression, skill development or aiding you in your future career.

Clubs meet during Club Hours on Wednesdays from 2 p.m. - 4 p.m.

Contact the Office of Student Activities for the meeting location of a particular club or if you have any other questions.

The purpose of the Accounting club is to provide information and advice about accounting both here at BMCC and in the world beyond. Our goal is to build a networking platform between our club members and the four year colleges like Baruch, John Jay and Long island University (L.I.U.) to name a few. We also want to build bridges to CPA firms and industry insiders who can help students become a highly paid and a great Accountant we know you can be!
The African Student Association mission is to bring all African descendants as one no matter where they are from to promote African culture
The purpose of the club is to introduce new and old Anime to the BMCC student body. As well as introducing Anime/ cos play culture through events, cons, and speakers etc.
The purpose of the club is to be a school newspaper dedicated to the collective voice of the students. A paper aimed at providing a place for students to read articles on various social awareness & relevant subject / topics.
This club is created for Badminton enthusiasts and fanatics here at BMCC while promoting special interests and social networking; introduce an enjoyable, new and intense workout for students and staff and eventually compete with other CUNY schools.
The club is designed to provide both a social opportunity for students with similar interests, and also as an educational forum to allow attention to be focused on areas pertaining to disability awareness and rights. The club will also advocate for the rights and responsibilities of disabled students at BMCC, and show a presence so individuals with disabilities and others may feel more supported in the school.
The Business Enterprise Club is purposed with bringing students information and activities on all things that deal with entrepreneurship. It prepares students for careers in Business by teaching them various skills which they will carry on after their tenure at BMCC.
The Caribbean Students Association services as an avenue for students of Caribbean descent to preserve their heritage and cultural identity while away from their country.
With chess being a game of mental skill, the main objective and purpose of the BMCC Chess Club will be to promote an interest in chess within the BMCC community.
The XAE-Gamma Nu Chapter at BMCC is a nationally recognized group of students who have achieved and maintained high academic standards. The club will honor and promote high academic achievement and foster increased communication among its members and the student’s body.
The main purpose of this organization are: 1. To introduce Christianity to the Chinese students of BMCC. 2. To help the members to understand more about Christianity. 3. To provide a place for Christian students of BMCC to have weekly meetings. 4. To help students to familiarize with the school environment.
The mission of the club shall be to provide opportunities for students to study Chinese culture together, to encourage and motivate students in BMCC to take a look at China-A typical Asia country, and to create an environment where students can receive educational support from peers and supervisor.
The objective of Chinese Culture Association Club (CCA) is to expose students to Chinese culture through activities such as learning Chinese language and calligraphy, watching popular Chinese movies with English subtitles to have a better sense of the Chinese language, inviting guest speakers to talk about Chinese culture, and inviting a martial arts master to teach Chinese internal and external exercises such as "Tai Chi" to enhance our physical condition.
The purpose of the club is to promote interaction among College Discovery Program students and all students attending Borough of Manhattan Community College
The purpose of the club is to inform students of the benefits associated with communication. Allow students to network with each other that share the same interest.
The club provides a platform for computer enthusiasts to share knowledge, theory and practice on a diversity of issues regarding computer information and technology. It allows a student to continue honing their professional skills while receiving peer-to-peer guidance. Modern Engineering Solutions: The purpose is to give the BMCC student community the opportunity to gain hands-on experience with modern applications of engineering principles and practice in order to better themselves, the community, and ultimately the world.
The focus of the Criminal Justice Club will be to provide students with a blueprint to starting and operating an online business. Members must start a new online business every semester or continue in the operations of an existing online business. Club officers must show members how to stat and operate an online business in a real world setting. Club officers must encourage members to take an active role in the club.
The BMCC Debate Club promotes the study, art, and practice of debating both inside and beyond BMCC, while providing opportunities to learn logical, analytical, and public speaking skills with fellow BMCC Students, CUNY students and other college students and non-student experts.
The purpose of the Economics and Finance Club club is to provide students the opportunity to analyze issues related to finance and economics while supporting the BMCC student team effort in the Federal Reserve Bank College Student competition tak-ing place in November every year.
The purpose of the club is to gather all students from BMCC who are interested in fashion and beauty industry, and to be involved in all related events and activities that would improve professional skills and prepare students for a successful career.
The purpose of the club is to explore and expand the French language and culture to all BMCC students.
The purpose of the club is to bring light to sensitive matters across the globe.
The purpose of the Health and Wellness Club is to provide comprehensive health and wellness guidance to students, ranging from fitness tips to diet counseling to stress reduction strategies. We aim to promote health, prevent disease, and advocate for disability services. We intend to increase awareness of health education specialties and health career opportunities.
The purpose of the Health Information Technology Club (HIT) is to encourage and promote academic and professional excellence. The association will assist students by providing facilitating study groups and peer tutoring, mentoring from alumnus, field trips to view relevant professional advancements, and participate in educational activities.
The Honor Society of Black Student Scholars exists to advance the academic and social development of its members. We believe that the members should strive toward academic excellence and to help others to achieve the same.
I.M.P.A.C.T., which stands for Inspiring & Motivating People to Achieve in College Together, is a club that focuses on mentoring for personal and academic success. The club members primarily consist of current BMCC peer mentors and mentees. Our purpose is to build community by helping students grow and make a successful transition to college. Students will learn to set effective goals, to develop leadership and interpersonal skills and make connections with the campus and local community. For more information about the Peer Mentoring program, email
The purpose of the club is to provide a supportive and friendly campus atmosphere helping international students and friends in their pursuit of educational opportunities in NYC.
The mission of the club is to promote Japanese culture, music, and language to BMCC students.
The purpose of the club is to raise money for the homeless while making jewelry with the group during club hours. Students will also learn how to make their own piece of jewelry.
The mission of the club is to promote Korean culture to students and the community. We want to promote its unique qualities so all may learn and share the experience.
The purpose of the club is to bring together the students of the Borough of Manhattan Community College, not only the students who form part of the LGBT community, but also everyone who is interested in getting to know what makes us an important part of society.
The club’s defined purpose is to promote and celebrate the Italian culture and heritage through a series of activities, events, and discussions.
The mission of the club is to empower every student we come across by helping them to escape their mental and physical limitations. We also want to help create a positive environment that they can help motivate and influence the students.
The mission of the Math Club is for members to engage in extra-curricular mathematical-related activities such as preparation and participation in mathematical contests as well as visits to points of mathematical significance and attendance of professional seminars, tours, meetings and lectures, to foster a means of support and interaction amongst students interested in mathematics, and to engage in community service.
The purpose of the club is to provide an outlet for students through written, visual, and musical arts. The club will put all of these areas together and exhibit through a week-ly podcast named “The Weekly Karle”.
The purpose of the club is to provide access to musical instruments and instruction and provide a space for BMCC students to play music together and record their music.
The purpose and objectives of this organization shall be to: 1. Clear up all misconceptions of Islam on campus. 2. Provide better student & government interaction. 3. Provide a better service for the community. 4. Others to broaden their education by attending college. 5. Strive for excellence in both academic and religious areas.
The mission of this club is to create and foster a spirit of understanding among all people for humanitarian needs by providing voluntary services through community involvement and international cooperation. To take an active interest in the civic, cultural, social and moral welfare of the community, to unite the clubs in the bonds of friendship, good fellowship and mutual understanding.
Club goals are to serve veterans of the Armed Forces in the BMCC community by providing a multi-faceted support network. Information will be provided to members about veteran benefits and support services. Members will be provided assistance in accessing administrative and educational services at BMCC more efficiently.
The purpose of the club is to promote the idea of completing graduation requirements within two years. In addition members will act as peer mentors regarding academic and transfer issues, so that transferring to a senior college will be a fluid transition.
The mission is to introduce the creative world of painting to the BMCC community. Our mission is to enhance the creative possibilities of the BMCC community; we hope to do this through workshops, and different painting trips.
The mission is to promote school spirit. We promote school spirit for our teams as well as for ourselves and for all students to do well, succeed and have fun.
The mission of the club is to teach members about the meaning of step, teach beginners how to step, and teach members about teamwork and discipline.
The purpose of the club is to invite parents to come together as one in a fun environment to plan activities.
The purpose of People In Action is to encourage the growth of a student’s leadership ability, to help build campus awareness, and to provide an environment of relaxation.
The purpose of the Psychology Club is to educate students about psychology and provide them with academic resources. As well as to engage BMCC students in the larger scholarly community.
The purpose of the club is to promote healthy attitudes towards mathematics in our society, to help students get rid of their fear of mathematics, to retain students in their path to their college degree, and to encourage many to be-come math majors. We want to encourage students’ beliefs in the importance of mathematics in social and everyday life.
The purpose is to share and discuss with students research, activities and projects around the world and at BMCC through an interesting and engaging way. This will help to inspire and motivate students towards science and research.
The purpose of the club is to create a forum where respiratory therapy students can exchange ideas and support each other, educate the BMCC community on respiratory health issues, which affect them and their families (smoking, allergies, asthma, etc.).
The purpose of this club is to promote the spiritual life of the students of the Borough Manhattan Community College by providing Biblical Christian education, training and activities for any and all interested students through witness, discipleship, fellowship, worship and prayer.
The mission is to provide and environment for students focused on scientific and logical thinking in the creation of robots with the possibility of competing against other schools nation-wide.
The purpose of this club/organization shall be to foster learning, exercise, and adventures on the rivers of New York. The club will show its members how to name, organize and plan rows around the various water bodies that form the city. They will read and discuss the history of rowing in New York, while serving as naval vanguards of adventure at BMCC.
The purpose of this club is to showcase one of the most beautiful Latin dances known around the globe is Salsa. We want BMCC students to have opportunity to dance.
The purpose of the club is to promote different scholarships on campus that is available to all BMCC students. It will also serve as a community service group for BMCC fund scholarship recipients to help promote this idea to their fellow students and to act as peer mentors regarding academic development.
The purpose of the club is to engage BMCC students in activities related to the club’s interest, to create an environment, where ideas can be discussed freely, and to inspire students from different backgrounds to pursue a career in the STEM field.
The Science Club’s main function is to spread science among BMCC Students. The club organizes fun science workshops teaching the principles of science in a non-classroom setting allow-ing students to learn in a relaxed way. The club organizes various extra-curricular activities such as participation in science competitions, scientific trips to the museum etc.
The purpose of the Sculpture Club is to encourage the practice and appreciation of traditional and contemporary sculpture by BMCC students, and to provide a place for creative three-dimensional expression at the college.
The purpose of the sisterhood society club is to provide leadership for the female student body at BMCC by providing diverse educational activities and multi-cultural events that stimulate empowerment.
The purpose of the BMCC soccer club is to organize soccer tournaments to bring the student body together. Xtreme Sports Club: The purpose of the Xtreme Sports Club is to provide a hub for skateboarders, roller skaters, snowboarders, etc. to connect with others and participate in related club activities.
The purpose of the club is to increase student’s awareness of sociological issues and concerns, while promoting a strong community through education, advocacy, social activism, and community involvement.
The purpose of the club is to spread the glory of fighting on stage and screen, and to share that skillset with all those interested.
The BMCC Strings Plus is committed to furthering and supporting its members' educational and emotional well-being by offering a venue where beginners and professionals come together to play music and exchange interdisciplinary skills.
The mission of the Student Nurses Association is to plan activities related to Nursing, provide a forum in which to discuss issues pertaining to the nursing students, provide academic support for any students in the Nursing program.
The mission is to bring awareness to issues of violence against female and male students through advocacy, education and the collaborative efforts of other student organizations.
The purpose of the club is to raise awareness in the BMCC community of various social injustices throughout the world and in this sense uplift the morale of the community. The club is open to anyone who may have a political trend that is progressive and it aims to raise awareness via movie screenings, panels, socials, culture fests, open mics, building club relations, community relations, speakouts, etc.
The goal is to support highly motivated students who transfer to a competitive senior college. The program offers transfer advisement and pairs each student with a faculty mentor/T.R.A.C. coach who supports them through the transfer application process and provides advice on how to advance your learning by creating meaningful involvement opportunities to complete the four year college.
The purpose of the Teacher Education Club is to allow students interested in working with young children to meet and network with each other outside of the classroom, to hear speakers talk about the field and to join the local/national association, and to attend conferences when appropriate, and to do at least one project to help children.
The purpose of this organization is to gain hands on experience in travel and tourism sector. To achieve this, students will benefit by visiting a number of exciting locations each semester. Students are expected to benefit from these trips, by becoming more educated about different cultures, and learning about travel, tourism, and hospitality
The Urban Mentors & Leaders Association (UMLA) at Borough of Manhattan Community College is dedicated to preparing graduates who are ready to address unique challenges of their generation. UMLA provides academic support, personal assistance, and leadership opportunities to underrepresented students at BMCC and the NYC community. UMLA’s primary goal is to increase the success rates of the students at the college.
The purpose of the club is to provide an opportunity for students to understand the urban culture through black awareness. To teach beginning students how to use their intellect to create educational opportunities. To improve literary skills of students and expand their networking skills for today’s job market.
The mission is to promote a social atmosphere where gamers can play, have fun, and shared their interest and resources among video game and technology.
The purpose of the club is to encourage creativity and push people to their limits through film. In addition to the two short films the VP Club will produce, we will also put together a Student Film Festival at the end of each semester that any student of BMCC will be eligible to submit (VPC Member or oth-erwise). There will also be hands-on workshops working with pro-fessional equipment bought with club funds and seminars with pro-fessionals in the field to enhance our movie making experience.
The mission of the club is to provide a forum where students interested in all forms of creative writing and journalism can explore and express their curiosity and creative voice.

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