Classes are held at:

New York State Office Building

163 West 125th Street(7th Ave.), 6th Floor

By subway to 125th Street:

163 West 125th Street (7th Ave.)
A, B, C or D; 2 or 3; 4, 5 or 6

By bus:

M2, M7, M60, M101, M102

To learn more about the CLIP program contact Naomi Machado

Student Testimonials

Registration and payment for the program in person only

163 West 125th Street, 6th floor
Call: 212-665-2740 or 212-665-2742 for more information

Registration Hours:
Monday – Thursday
10:00 A.M - 4:00 P.M
Evening registration is by appointment

“Why should you consider joining CLIP? CLIP is a program that helps you a lot with your writing, speaking and reading. Also, CLIP values your efforts as an ESL student. Your life will change, as mine did, and you will be proud of yourself.”

“Before CLIP, finishing one book seemed an almost impossible project for me, so nobody could understand how exciting it was when I read a whole book from the first page to the last one in my CLIP class. CLIP helped me open the door of English study in front of which I always wandered because I didn’t know how to open it and didn’t have the power to open it. The curriculum and the professor here opened the door for me to enter the world of English learning.”

“I knew that my possibilities in college to succeed were scarce so I signed up for CLIP. I have learned not only American culture and history, enhanced my grammar, speaking and listening, but I have also gained the resources to improve my entire knowledge and obtain the confidence to get through college.”

“I think CLIP is a wonderful program for many new immigrants. The more time I spend here, the more knowledge I get. I’m very pleased and happy to be one of the students in CLIP.”

“Becoming a CLIP student improves our quality of life and our education. I came to CLIP to improve my reading and writing; however, I found the result was way beyond that. We improved our cultural and historical values. I will miss my classmates and our happy moments studying together.”

“CLIP empowered me; I discovered who I really am through discussions about ethical questions and learning what I did not know. CLIP is the first step to discovering yourself and the world as well by sharing different perspectives with students from all over the world. I also learned to read and understand what I read. Beyond that, I now read literature.”

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