To organize a FIG, contact the CETLS Director, Megan Elias, at or 212-220-8000 ext. 7210.

Faculty/Staff Interest Groups(FIGs)

FIGs are interdisciplinary groups of faculty and staff members coming together to explore a common research interest and/or to embark on other types of creative projects.

 Who can join a FIG?

Part-time and full-time members of the BMCC faculty and staff are welcome to start a FIG or join an already active FIG.

What is the level of commitment?

Joining a FIG is voluntary; you may opt out at any time.  

Guidelines for FIG Coordinators:

• Develop an agenda for the semester collaboratively with members and let with CETLS Director Megan Elias know of your plans.

• Send all relevant FIG content to Megan Elias electronically for uploading to the CETLS calendar and website. This content includes but is not limited to: FIG descriptions, names of coordinators and members, descriptions of events, calls for participation in FIG events, and images (with appropriate permissions).

• Lead FIG meetings to discuss topics of interest and to plan FIG events.

• Sponsor (with their FIG team) events open to BMCC faculty and staff. Rather than advertising an event as a FIG event (because some might think it is limited to members), advertise the event by its title to attract the wider community of BMCC faculty and staff. On the invitation/announcement/call for participation, note that the event is being sponsored by one or more particular FIG. Give contact information for anyone interested in joining the FIG. Please note that only faculty and staff may be invited to events in S-510D. Please propose and discuss with Dean Gillespie any ideas for events that would include student participants.

• Ensure that attendance forms and evaluation forms at every FIG are completed and returned to the box on the back shelf in S-510D so that assessment of FIG events may be carried out.

• Look into grants or other external sources to fund the efforts of the FIG, with Megan Elias and the Grants Office.



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