Welcome to CETLS

The Center for Excellence in Teaching, Learning, and Scholarship (CETLS) serves as a resource and a forum for activities and dialogue to maximize the collective potential of faculty and staff to achieve excellence in teaching, learning, and scholarship.  

CETLS is located in S510D, 199 Chambers Street.

Ruru Rusmin, Acting Director

Upcoming Events

Integrated Reasoning in Higher Education: Global Competencies Seminar
May 6
S-510 D —10:00 AM

Student Veterans: Transitioning from Military Life to Student Life
May 6
S-510 D —1:00 PM

What's Your Game Plan?
May 10
S-510D —4:00 PM

Queer Communities at BMCC Faculty Interest Group Meeting
May 13
S-510 D —2:00 PM

Science, Technology, Engineering and Math Faculty Interest Group Meeting
May 19
S-510 D —2:00 PM

Language and Politics: Political Discourse, Conference at BMCC
May 20
Richard Harris Terrace —8:30 AM


199 Chambers Street, Rm. S510D
New York, NY 10007