Learning Across America

Come and explore the history, geography, landmarks, arts, and customs that characterize North America

Students in Niagara Falls

Through classroom lectures, films, articles, and discussions you will learn about your destination while improving your English comprehension and conversational skills. In addition to the classroom instruction, you will participate in a tour to the destination you are studying! Courses include Niagara Falls, Montreal, Philadelphia & Amish Country, Boston, Chicago, Nashville, Washington, DC, California and others. Go to registration for your area to see a complete list of available courses.

Who should enroll?

Anyone who wants to learn about the politics, geography, cultural, and literary history of some of North America’s most pivotal cities. Au Pairs and retirees are especially welcome.

How much does the program cost?

Course fees include classes, transportation*, hotel, and tour and start at $349. Please see individual courses for more information.
*Each semester we offer a Featured Destination course that may be further away from BMCC campuses than other destinations, for example California. The Featured Destination courses are the only Learning Across America courses that do not include transportation to the destination.

How much credit will I earn?

  • 45 hours / 4.5 CEU for successful completion of a course.
  • Credit policy:  in order to obtain credit for 45 hours or 4.5 CEU participants must attend all classes and the tour, and complete all the homework.  Students must be certain before they register that they can attend all the classes and go on the tour.

When do I attend class?

Classes take place on three weekend days (Saturdays or Sundays), spread out over several weeks, with a break before the travel portion of the class.

But I don’t live in New York City – can I attend class?

Yes! You can attend class for BMCC Learning Across America in many cities.
Classes in New York City
Classes in Chicago
Classes in Connecticut 
Classes in New Jersey
Classes in Philadelphia
Classes in Washington, DC

I would love to go to Canada. Do I need a visa to travel to Montreal or Niagara Falls?

You can find out whether you need a visa from the Canadian Consulate website. It may take THREE MONTHS OR MORE for the Canadian authorities to process your application. Students traveling to Niagara Falls who need a visa should plan to stay on the United States side of the border in case their visa does not come in time. Credit hours are not affected by staying on the U.S. side of the border.

Montreal students do not have the option of staying on the U.S. side of the border. If a Montreal student does not receive her visa in time for the tour, she will not be entitled to any refund either from BMCC or Cultural Hi-Ways.

I’d like to know more about the travel portion of the class.

Learning Across America partners with Cultural Hi- Ways to conduct your tours. For details of your travel itinerary visit www.chiways.net

What if my plans change before my course starts?

Our refund policy is simple and straightforward. 100% before classes start; 50% after the first class; 0% after the second class. Email learningacrossamerica@bmcc.cuny.edu if you need to withdraw from class or transfer to a different section.

What do I need to register?

You will need to fill out a profile on the registration site and a credit card to pay for the class. We do not currently have a partial payment plan.

More questions?

Email learningacrossamerica@bmcc.cuny.edu or call (646) 204-6865

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